Science Articles by J. Dianne Dotson

Ask a Mars Geologist (J. Dianne Dotson Exclusive)

Lipids: Facts and Functions

What Are the Main Functions of Cilia & Flagella?

What Are the Primary Functions of Phospholipids?

Beetles Found in Michigan

Types of Monomers

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A List of Non Vascular Plants

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Ecosystem of Wetlands

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The Hummingbird Migration in Arizona

Facts About Cottontail Rabbits

The Differences Between a Sporophyte and Gametophyte

How Do Snakes Lay Eggs?

Difference Between Male and Female Ladybugs 

Plants & Animals Found in Tropical Regions

Describe a Balanced Ecosystem

What Are Some Abiotic Factors in a Temperate Rainforest?

Everyday Uses of Biology

Sequence of Steps in Monocot & Dicot Germination

Animals Found in the Tropical Evergreen Forest

High School Investigatory Projects

How to Tell a Male Crawfish from a Female

Tools for Measuring Abiotic Ecological Factors

What Are the Benefits of Agriculture and Farmers?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Economic Environment Factors?

How to Calculate Population Projections

How to Tell the Difference Between Male & Female Turkeys

How Temperature & Humidity Are Related

Difference Between a Buckeye Nut & a Horse Chestnut

What is a Unicellular Eukaryote?

Real Life Parabola Examples

Different Topics for Investigatory Projects

Modern Uses of a Catapult

Cosmetic Science Fair Project Ideas

How to Calculate Exceedance Probability

What Breaks Apart a Double Helix of DNA?

Chimpanzee Adaptation

Purpose of a Cell

What Is the Electrical Impulse That Moves Down an Axon?

The Role of Taq Polymerase in PCR

Difference Between Coding & Template Strands

How to Tell a Male from a Female Mocking Bird

Instruments Used to Study Stars

The Role of Tigers in the Ecosystem

The Difference Between Monosaccharides & Polysaccharides

Mushroom Hunting in Georgia

How to Tell a Fawn’s Age

What Are Primary Producers?

Difference Between a Regulator & a Conformer

How to Identify Spiders in Connecticut

How to Identify Platinum in Ore Deposits

What Products Have Potassium Nitrate?

Tools Used to Measure Mass

Common Physics Laboratory Apparatus

Three Ways Sedimentary Rocks Are Formed

How to Identify Spiders in Alberta

The Advantages of Potentiometric Titration

The Best Methods to Remove Oxidation from Plastic

The Effects of High Temperature on Epoxy

Five Areas of Application for Linear Programming Techniques

What Time of Year Do Wild Birds Lay Eggs?

How to Use Pulleys for Speed Reduction

The Advantages of MOSFET Over BJT