J. Dianne Dotson Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer, Science Writer, Artist.
Two Book Deals in One Day

Wow! So…that happened.  Back in June, I had a really wild Friday that I had to keep super secret. On that day, I heard back from two different publishers about […]

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Future Perfect Intense

Two years ago, the world as we knew it ended abruptly. Then a new world creaked forward on new and quite wobbly legs, and so began a new era, in […]

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Forty-Eight Times Around the Sun

I just celebrated my forty-eighth birthday this past weekend. So this is 48! It feels much the same as 47 in one regard, and quite different in another. Quite a […]

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Pause and Reflect

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions. In that regard, I am once again very much my father’s daughter. What we celebrate as the start of the new […]

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