J. Dianne Dotson Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer, Science Writer, Artist.

Book review

Luminiferous: Book 4 of the Questrison Saga®

Fans of epic, intelligent, sci-fi world building like that found in the Dune, Childhood’s End, and the Foundation, series will find much to love in this saga of the non-human Galla Deia as she battles both the forces of nature and an enemy bent on the domination of the galaxy. The kick-off to the series (Heliopause) can be read as a standalone (and what a terrific standalone it is!) but the richness of the series really starts to come through once Galla Deia makes her appearance in book two. The Fanstastic sets alone are worth the price of admission (Dotson’s fantasy influences are very much in evidence here) but it’s the incredible cast of characters and the various intrigues, betrayals, and sub-plots that really pull you in. Think: “Game of Thrones” meets “Star Wars.”
Highly recommended!

About the author

Dianne dreamed up other worlds and their characters as a child in the 1980s. She formed her own neighborhood astronomy club before age 10, to educate her friends about the universe. In addition to writing stories, she drew and painted her characters, designed their outrageous space fashions, and created travel guides and glossaries for the worlds she invented. As an adult, Dianne earned a life science degree and spent several years working in research.

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