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I write science fiction and fantasy. But did you know I am also a science writer?

I hold a life science degree and years of research experience. While I currently do not work in science, I do write about it. I recently reentered the arena of science writing and had several articles published at SCIENCING. I’m going to list several of them for to explore. You will find a broad range of topics. They were tremendously satisfying to write! If you know someone looking for a science fair project idea, or you want to learn about the workings of DNA, or have some questions about the environment or physics, I hope you enjoy these!

  1. The Role of Taq Polymerase in PCR
  2. Real Life Parabola Examples
  3. What Breaks Apart a Double Helix of DNA?
  4. What Is the Electrical Impulse That Moves Down an Axon?
  5. Purpose of a Cell
  6. What Are the Benefits of Agriculture and Farmers?
  7. Differences Between Coding & Template Strands
  8. What Are Some Abiotic Factors in a Temperate Rain Forest?
  9. Modern Uses of a Catapult
  10. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Economic Environment Factors?
  11. Everyday Uses of Biology
  12. Sequence of Steps in Monocot & Dicot Germination
  13. High School Investigatory Projects
  14. Different Topics for Investigatory Projects
  15. How to Calculate Population Projections
  16. Cosmetic Science Fair Project Ideas

Update as of February 6, 2020: I now have many more articles posted on my website, on a special page you can find called Science Writing Articles. It includes an exclusive interview with a Mars geologist as well. Since this original post, I have written dozens more articles, but have not compiled them all into a list. Hope you enjoy reading a sample of them.

Learning leads to wonder!

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