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Hello there! What a Spring this has been! Let’s catch up.

Previously I told you I was writing for science and put up a list of published articles for you to peruse. I finished up that volley of work and decided to paint at little something.

This blog post’s image is a watercolor painting I made in late March. It captured the days just before the wisteria vines up above where I live fully burst out. Now they are past their peak, with petals falling and green leaves lush and full. But I can remember this moment always. Fragrant, dreamlike, fleeting: that is Spring.

After Spring Break, I returned to more science writing. So I have an updated list for you!

  1. How to Calculate Exceedance Probability
  2. The Difference Between a Sporophyte and a Gametophyte
  3. How Do Snakes Lay Eggs?
  4. Difference Between Male and Female Ladybugs
  5. Plants & Animals Found in Tropical Regions
  6. Describe a Balanced Ecosystem
  7. Animals Found in the Tropical Evergreen Forest

I truly enjoyed writing each of these. My zoology background came in handy for some of them! I hope you gain some insight and intrigue from reading each article.

On the fiction front, I have gone through Book Two of my series a bit. I had already written most of this book prior to Book One. Tying everything together has been great fun. And I’ve thought about the connections to Book Three, which is also mostly written. You may ask, Where Is Book One? And that’s a very good question. One way or another, Book One will be coming your way. I’m in limbo on that, but the opportunity to work on other projects filled the time nicely.

Back to art, I have opened an Etsy shop but have not filled it with much at this time. (Also it’s on hiatus until I can indeed add more items.) I plan to fill it with my watercolors and illustrations, so you can buy them!

So that is what is new with me. It’s been a swiftly moving Spring so far, and I have no complaints. I hope you are enjoying April so far!

Image Credit: Wisteria Watercolor by J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2018