Top Posts: 2018 in Review
J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer – Top Posts: 2018 in Review

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This has been an incredible year! The people I’ve met, interacted with, learned from—I can’t thank those folks enough. But I hope to at least in part by sharing again some posts related to influential people. I also round out my Top 10 Posts of 2018 with a very Martian twist, and of course the introduction to my first published novel, Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One.

10) Book Two Feedback & Updates. So many gems in here. Since then I’ve got even more great feedback!

9) What Voyager 2 Means to Me. As this spacecraft crossed the actual heliopause, I marked what it has meant to me over the years.

8) Book Two Is Finished! And there was much rejoicing!

7) A Library Reading and Signing. A special day in the community.

6) An Appalachian Book Signing. It comes full circle: I return to the region of my youth.

5) Great Connections. I met the fabulous Karama Horne (@theblerdgirl) and she had fantastic advice.

5) Ask a Mars Geologist. In this post, I interview Mars Geologist Danny Krysak!

4) The First Book Signing. It begins! I recount my first-ever book signing, at wonderful Warwick’s.

3) Meeting a Great Influence: J. Michael Straczynski. What can I say? This man has influenced more of my writing life than I even imagined. He happens to be terrific.

2) Reflections. My Dad’s response to my book is included in this.

1) My Book Is here! This is the post launching Heliopause into the world.


May your 2019 be full of promise and light. Ad astra!


Image Credit: J. Dianne Dotson at Warwick’s Books, La Jolla, California. J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2018.