Public vs. Private Life

J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer - Public vs. Private Life

I’ve shared some things online about my private life, but mostly regarding only my own feelings, and not even all of those. I do not share much (if any) info about my family members. This is for their privacy.

It’s a difficult path to navigate, trying to figure out how much to share, how much not to share. I ran into this with some recent blog posts. Sometimes, because I have to keep parts of my life private, points about it can be misconstrued.

So, an explainer about my blog posts. My blog posts vary in topic all over the map. Sometimes they’re purely book-related. Sometimes they’re on the writing process. Sometimes they’re about whatever I feel like writing about on any given day.

What they are NOT is a full picture of me, and my personal life. I give glimpses, but never the whole story. Again, this is due to privacy.

Sometimes this works well, other times it doesn’t.

And I’m still figuring this all out.

It’s been almost two years since I published my first book and then sprang into a public arena. People sometimes ask me how I do things. Some people compliment my marketing and social media strategies. Others criticize them. I just write whatever is building up that I need to talk about, or want to talk about. That’s basically it.

With Instagram, I have modeled what I post based on what other writers post. There might be selfies, food, flowers, event info, etc. On Instagram it’s all about visuals. And again, it’s just really whatever I feel like posting on a given day. Sometimes it’s fun to participate in monthly hashtag posts on Instagram as well.

But still, there’s a public persona, and the “real” me, the private me. And most people will only ever see the former, with the real me glimpsing through when possible. I won’t always get this right, but I’ll keep working on it. It’s always good to try to work harder at improvement, on any level.


Image Credit: Bouquet photograph by J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2020.

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