Future Perfect Intense
J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer - Future Perfect Intense

Two years ago, the world as we knew it ended abruptly. Then a new world creaked forward on new and quite wobbly legs, and so began a new era, in which this new world teetered back and forth, uncertain. 

Past Intense

In the span of two years, I lost my father, I moved across the country to Tennessee and then back again, and I visited England and became engaged. During it all, I published two books (ACCRETION and LUMINIFEROUS) and started new ones, I wrote many short stories and articles, I contributed to anthologies, and I wrote more science articles (I still need to add dozens more). I had wondered, in 2020, if I would ever read more than one book a year again, much less write more. 

I’m glad to say the answer is a resounding yes. Through sheer obstinacy, because I know it’s not through a sudden increase in energy, I stuck with my goals and carved out the time to write. It’s been bumpy and inconsistent, but progress is what’s most important. I’ve also made a considerable amount of art in the past two years. Not sure where I got the energy for that either.

Fire in the Hand*

Now I’m looking ahead to a very different future than I had ever imagined for myself, and it’s a far richer and more nuanced one as well. I feel like I’m writing on a piece of paper with its edge on fire, and I’m trying to avoid getting singed in the process. 

Maybe that’s the way to write now.

Because we’re watching the world ablaze, still in a pandemic, shadowed by war, full of climate mayhem, and all of us feeling quite tired and befuddled. Yet here we are in our imperfect future.

Open to Possibility

What’s the answer to the angst so many of us feel? Maybe a little spring cleaning is in order. Make and give: that seems to be the right way out. But if you’ve felt like you’ve given too much, then allow yourself to exhale. Allow yourself to receive

What does that look like, receiving? Simply put, it’s accepting that there are many things beyond your control, and if someone offers you help, perhaps it is time to accept it. If they’re offering food, assistance, shelter, love…open your arms. We could all use more good things in our lives.

Things are intense right now. We don’t know which way things will go, but guess what? We never could predict the future with absolute certainty. But we certainly can make it.

*This is a reference to ACCRETION.