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Forward, March!


Hello there! It has been a minute or a few, since I last posted. Life decided to mimic the month of March, with a bit of bluster and whirlwind. All good things, as we march toward Spring!

I’ve not posted as much because I have been very busy. It’s been a productive time of returning to paid work in the form of science writing. This has been quite rewarding. I hope to post all of my published articles from links here on the blog, but until then, I do have a few science writing links I can share now. More will publish in the near future.

First up, “Purpose of a Cell” gives you insight into what cells do, and the differences between plant and animal cells. Next, “Real Life Parabola Examples,” which describes parabolas in our everyday lives, and how they have been used over the centuries. Again, these are just a few of the articles I’ve been working on. I hope you enjoy them!

On the science FICTION side of things, interest in my novel continues. There are no solid bites yet, but the full manuscript is out in the world, and that is encouraging. Again, I won’t rule out self-publishing if it has no other avenue to publication. But I want to see this through, and I do hope someone loves the writing, the story, and my own potential to make this series come to a bookstore near you.

In between these goings-on, I’ve returned to making artwork. I recently upgraded my watercolor paint supply to professional grade, invested in high-quality brushes and paper, and I plan to create a number of paintings in the coming months. Some may be available for sale. So stay tuned.

Whether March has entered like a lion or a lamb for you, I hope the rest of the month greets you like new green leaves on the trees.

Image Credit: Scott Kelly – March Watercolor by J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2018