Farewell November

J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer – Farewell November

Today we reach the end of November 2018. The year drifts to the ground in amber leaves, raindrops, and longer shadows. One more month to go! How extraordinary!

There was a time when I did not like November. Growing up in the Southeast, it depressed me to see the leaves vanish, leaving a long wake of barren trees for months to come. In the Northwest, the rain and wind lashed endlessly in November. It was not until I lived in the Pacific Southwest that I truly loved November. But it wasn’t just the place or the weather. It was also maturing to the point that gratitude came more naturally.

So much suffering has hurt so many this year. Cities not far from me burned. My favorite drive through Point Dume in Mailbu: scorched. To the north, one town, Paradise, vanished overnight from the horrific Camp Fire. If you would like to help the Camp Fire families in need, head HERE for good resources.

And yet light shone through the darkness. Dreams were made real. Hopes were tended into fulsome gardens. I opened up, and many responded. The new connections made, the old friendships burnished anew, the bonding in quiet moments even though fatigue and stress crept in…such perfect things as these made 2018 a grand year overall.

Six months ago I gave my first published novel to the world. The journey never stopped, but rather the momentum grew. I walked my neighborhood this November and cradled fallen leaves into a bouquet. I felt beatified, as if I had gathered all the lovely moments of this one year in my hands, and received its blessing in gold-amber-ruby-garnet-chartreuse.

How treasured this month has been, and this year! So now I do love November. The leaves fall, but we gather. Farewell, November!

Image Credit: Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One with Autumn Leaves by J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2018

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