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J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer – Echoes

When we shout something out to the Universe, its echoes bounce back and guide our way.

It’s been an interesting year, of course, with my book out, and meeting new people everywhere. I’m also in a time of transition as I seek to return to the workforce. This will help pay for the rest of my book series–crucial as I’m an independent author. And since I’m rapidly approaching the end of Book Two of The Questrison Saga, it’s time to get that rolling. I also am at a point where I need to get back to the skills I’ve gained over the years. Related to that, I now have a LinkedIn account. Already that is leading to new opportunities for me.

The pull of the road has been strong, and so I shouted that out, so to speak, as something I wanted to do. Echoes of possibility bounced back. I unplugged from social media. I found a perfect moment to go. This weekend I traveled to Los Angeles on a mission to meet some great people and see one of my favorite cities. I took a road trip, but perhaps next time I should take the train so I can sit back and watch the scenery along the coast roll by. I did my best, though, taking the Pacific Coast Highway back south. And after all, I’m a bit of a road trip queen.

Echo Park Lake enraptured me. I could have stayed there all day, but of course the searing heat had other plans, and I had a brunch to go to. But I did linger, sighing over the darling swan boats plying the lake, and watching the turtles and ducks traverse enormous lotus and water lilies everywhere.

Did I mention it was hot? In fact it was savage. Everyone’s least favorite, most discussed topic this year. Finally I couldn’t linger another minute. So I drove around LA for a bit, with my car’s AC vents all aimed at me. And yet, every time I go to LA I love it a little more. I cruised around Silver Lake and on Sunset Boulevard. There is so much to see, and so much art. Art everywhere! A city built of art, layer upon layer, formal or street or architectural or film or stage…everywhere. For a creative person, it’s hard to come away from that unchanged.

Then I met the completely awesome Lauren Warren, screenwriter extraordinaire and owner of Validvictorian Productions, LLC. We had a grand time at brunch, so much so I vowed to come back so that every time, we can try a new brunch stop. I almost didn’t want to leave and could have talked with her several more hours. Lauren is one of the funniest, most engaging and vivacious people I’ve ever known.

It was time to head south, and with the August light slanting just so, I felt the tug of the Pacific and ventured west toward the coast highway. I meandered down through the beach cities. I fell in love yet again with Redondo Beach especially, but also returned fondly to Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Crystal Cove, and Laguna Beach. Then I headed back to the interstate and watched the sky blend from gold to peach to rose to purple as the sun sank below the sea. As autumn approaches I’ll wait for echoes, reassuring me of my path, and pulling me forward.

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