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Ebb and Flow
J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer – Ebb and Flow

As I’ve mentioned previously in my post, “Burnout”, I have struggled with writing fiction for the past few months. I’ve been writing non-fiction for work, and I find I have very little time or energy for anything else, but also the inspiration had lulled. I did manage to eke out a humorous short story, and you can read R.U.D.E.: The Robot Trash Can right HERE on Curious Fictions.

Things are moving forward at last. I talked about my leg injury in “Burnout” and I am happy to report that in the past week, I have walked a few miles with NO PAIN for the first time since July! This is major. It may be that I will not need regular physical therapy appointments for much longer. So my leg is healing, and now I just need my heart to heal as well.

In order to get myself moving in other ways, I have opened myself up to events. On my home page, you will see on the right sidebar that I have events listed. These are starting to build up. There are others in the works that I can’t confirm yet, but I am most pleased by them. This will be another year of conventions and panels.

Another thing I’m dipping my toes into is coalescing local writers into potential new meet-ups and casual Q & A sessions. That’s all preliminary, but I like the response to my ideas.

Book Three of The Questrison Saga® is moving forward after a long hiatus. I had finished writing it back in autumn, and have since gained beta reader feedback. Professional editing on it begins in mid-February. Cover art begins as well. My hope is to publish Book Three near the end of May, following its predecessors Heliopause and Ephemeris.

Once the book cover for Book Three is finished, and the edits are all incorporated, I will begin the process of preparing it for publication. My hope is to do a cover reveal and pre-orders in early April. As I did last year, I will announce both FIRST on my newsletter, Notes from the Spiral Arm, which you can sign up for at the bottom of my website.

So! I’m moving ahead in various ways. I don’t want to project too far into the future, but I see ripples from my efforts spreading forth. This is a good shore to walk on.


Image Credit: Shoreline at Solana Beach, Photo by J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2020