A Group Book Signing
J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer – A Group Book Signing

This past Sunday, I had the fabulous opportunity to be part of a Local Author Meet & Greet at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore! This was a unique chance to get to meet other local authors, talk with them about their work, share my own work, and then sign books for people who purchased our books!

I met so many delightful, crazy-talented authors. As I am a science fiction author (and science fiction/fantasy author, more precisely), it was a great joy to meet other science fiction authors, as well as fantasy authors, horror authors, and authors of non-fiction. Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore gave us the space to mingle, provided food (and we brought some as well–of course I brought my brownies!), and let each of us speak in turn about our books. How wonderful is that? The generosity of the store is unmatched.

Now, I must give a shoutout to some of the authors I connected with. Patricia Bossano is the author of the Faerie Legacy series. Mya Duong writes the Mindful Things series. Ana Levley authored Beasts: Beginning of the End. Jennifer Greenhall has written Resonance. Joanna Volavka is the author of Threadwalkers. John Akers authored The Infinet. M. A. Marrissette is the author of New Breed. Linton Robinson has written Raptor’s Golden Hits. Several other authors participated as well. If you want to see more of their work and purchase signed copies of their books, head to this page!

In addition to mingling with authors, I enjoyed speaking with readers with varying interests. I truly appreciate the support of those readers! All in all it was a terrific event, and I made lovely new connections.

Thank you, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore!

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