The First Book Signing
J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer – The First Book Signing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”723,725,724,729,728,727,726″][vc_column_text]So…my book came out last week! Heliopause: The Questrison Saga™: Book One launched May 29. You can read my post about it here. I am so thrilled with the response, and the many photos of people with their copy of the book! Please check out my Instagram feed to see more.

Yesterday I had my first-ever book signing at the delightful independent bookstore, Warwick’s, in gorgeous La Jolla, California. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew some friends would come, but other than that? I had zero expectations.

The friendly staff had a table and chair set out for me, and a nice display for the table. My friends helped me set up my books and one even brought me gorgeous peonies.

Within a couple of minutes of the start time at noon, customers began coming my way. And then the two hours blew by, a delightful blur of people I had never met, and of friends dropping by to buy their copies. One longtime social media friend showed up and we met in person for the first time ever! That was just fab. And my proofreader also came to congratulate me, which was a delight.

A number of people who did not typically read science fiction purchased the book after I described it and my own history. Some people bought it as gifts for loved ones. I received so many excellent questions, about the process, and about the book itself. I hugely enjoyed talking to everyone there!

I can honestly say this was one of the best days of my entire life! I cannot thank Warwick’s enough for hosting this Local Authors event, and giving me the opportunity to participate. You should definitely visit this fabulous bookstore if you’re ever in the area.

And now, I’m read for more book signings! So if you missed this one, good news! I have another at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego, California this Thursday, June 7, at 7:30pm. Here are all the details!

There’s a possibility of another book signing, this time in the Southeast. I will definitely keep you up to date on these kinds of things!

Thank you so much for sharing in this experience and supporting my work.

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