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J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer – Blooming

Summer is, as I have mentioned before, not my favorite season. I descend into a kind of torpor, a creative nadir spurred on by heat and humidity. But this year, things are different.

I have settled into the daytime nap routine, so I can stay up late, usually around midnight. I still get up rather early. But what this does for me is free up quiet blocks of time after all the activity of a house and neighborhood (I’m looking at you, leafblowers) stills.

This has paid off with my science writing deadlines, novel writing, and writing pieces for other projects. So rather than experiencing a “summer slide” I’ve been bursting with words.

The timing is good, as I look for writing jobs in LA (which began to take root in my mind last year) for TV and film. One project sparks another, and the routine of work involves applying for jobs. As the saying goes, “applying for jobs is a full time job,” and although I can’t dedicate all my time to that, I will need to get pretty close to it.

Meanwhile, this week is the ultimate showcase for creativity: San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). I’ll be there as guest, and will take the opportunity to network as much as I can. This will be my first visit, and though I have many friends who have attended and have cautioned me about its scale, I still don’t really have a sense for it yet. This is coming from a person who lives within a few miles of the thing, and sees first-hand how it transforms the city.

In other news, Ephemeris has good reviews both on Goodreads and Amazon so far. I’m happy about this, not just because it’s great to have good reviews, but to know that a story I’ve worked on for so long resonates with readers. We authors need book reviews to help new readers decide whether or not to invest their time and money into our work. Everyone wins, when there are more reviews.

After my flurry of book signings (four in a row!) I’m now in between events (I might be at the San Diego Festival of Books in August), but I will update my home page as more pop up. Autumn will be a busier time with conventions and other author-related events.

As far as current writing goes, I’m working on Book Three of The Questrison Saga. I sent off a sample of an unrelated dark fantasy to an agent. I’ve got a lot of story ideas for mid-grade novels that I need to work on.

Many changes will happen in the months ahead, but the writing is still the incandescent source I can tap into to help me through it. And from the writing, I can bloom.


Image Credit: Bougainvillea photo by J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2019