Art of The Questrison Saga®: Prilanna Optison
J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer - Art of the Questrison Saga®: Prilanna Optison

In my new book, Luminiferous: The Questrison Saga: Book Four, the mercurial planet Quopeia houses many beings and animals that are unique. Some are refugees, that the planet has allowed entry…for it’s a selective world, and not everyone can get through both its natural and unnatural defenses. 

Some humans reside on Quopeia, and the truth behind their origin is revealed in the book. There are also other refugee aliens, and the Ildions rank among them. They live in settlement in the far northwest corner of the continent of Orboaanya. And their chief’s daughter, Prilanna Optison, finds herself flung into a galactic battle. 

An Adventurous Girl

Prilanna Optison is sixteen years old, and like the rest of the Ildions, she has purple skin and deep facial grooves that react to various stressors. She is shorter than average humans, at about four feet tall. The Ildions keep to themselves, having settled on the world before Prilanna was born. They speak of various legends and superstitions, many of which Prilanna does not believe. But there are some that intrigue her, and she is a curious girl. 

J. Dianne Dotson – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer - Art of the Questrison Saga®: Prilanna Optison
Prilanna Optison illustrated by Elliot Balson Copyright 2021. From Luminiferous: The Questrison Saga: Book Four by J. Dianne Dotson Copyright 2021.

Prilanna is a friend of the animals known as deengynes, and Nalag is her best friend in the pack that frequents her village. While she cannot read Nalag’s mind, it can read hers, as the deengynes are telepathic. It can communicate with her and her people, alerting them. 

Prilanna likes to slip away from her village to explore the edge of the continent, and has often wondered what is on the other side of the Rift, a gash in the planet’s surface where the mantle spills up in a great current of magma. Beyond the Rift lies one of the Quo continents: Quepahi. These four continents are mysterious and dangerous, and no machine can function within them for long, if at all. Even their proximity to the Ildion village wreaks havoc on their machinery. The Ildion elders warned that anyone who enters a Quo continent never returns. Still, this all keeps Prilanna intrigued, and she wants to know what truly lies beyond the Rift in Quepahi. 

Destiny Calls

She ranks as the second in command of her village, having come of age. Traditionally, she would assume leadership after her father steps down. But secretly, Prilanna does not want this tradition that seems so etched in stone. And when her path crosses with visitors to her village, her life changes instantly, and she becomes embroiled in the battle against the dreaded Paosh Tohon. The evil entity had so far been resisted by the planet Quopeia, the “last fortress,” and that time has come to an end. Prilanna Optison may be young and naïve, but she is resourceful and intelligent, and the galaxy needs her.

The art for Prilanna Optison is brilliantly captured by Elliot Balson.

You can read more about Prilanna, Nalag, Deming, and many other characters both new and familiar in the final installment of The Questrison SagaLuminiferous, available now.